Abstraction has always been a strong guiding principal in my work. For several years I have created paintings in series, one or two series a year I have grouped my paintings by year, most recent year first. Here are series from the last ten years plus some earlier work.

Typology of studies for paintings and screen prints, 2017

These are a bit of a convergence of my older, and a little bit sign-like
paintings and my passionate photography project of the last couple years,
documenting old and disappearing neon signs, mostly throughout the
western states and becoming much more overtly sign-like, where
the text conveys abstract themes and the language of art, instead of
the language of commerce as in bars and motels.

Typology of six ImageTown painting studies, 2016

Originally a series of twenty or so tiny ink drawings from 1999, and finished
a little bit at a time until completed in a surge in 2016. They exist as Photoshop
documents and as archival inkjet prints, mounted, hand cut-out,
wall-mounted, 10" high objects.

Typology of the nine-painting series One-Through-Nine, 2015

Typology of Series 1, 2014

Series 2, 2014

In 2013 I painted nine paintings in a single series using the date, my initials and the serial number of the painting as the subject matter. That could be the start of a discussion on meaning and abstraction. For me, in addition to the serious discussion, I like the way the paintings look on the wall, the fun shapes and vibrant colors.

In 2012 I re-introduced my initials, a serial number and the year painted, along with the "abstract" imagery. Two series here.

Two from from 2011.

Two from 2010.

A few from 2008, some from The Tango Series.

Two from the Urban Wineworks Abstract Series, 2007.

A few paintings from 2006 and 2005

A sampling of older work.

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