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I have a recurrent running commentary in my head about the meaning of meaning and the meaning of abstraction when I paint. I paint what might be called abstract paintings, though the subject matter is painted in a literal sort of way. The shapes are actual shapes, not abstract shapes. Letters and numbers are actual, real, though painted in a somewhat abstract manner - with a sort of stylistic color and shading. What does it all mean?


I have a painterly style, a little cartoonish, done in PhotoShop, and use Adobe Illustrator for both editorial and technical illustration.


At my last place of employment I did all the studio shots of merchandise sold and manufactured by the company, I photographed the assembly processes, and toured and photographed industrial facilities for newsletter articles. And all the people picture shots. None of those pictures are here! What's here is just what I have loved to shoot for myself!


I've let most of my old songs slide out into the mists of the sea of forgotten songs. No, not Dog Park, not yet. I've got a link to soundcloud above where an old forgotten song still resides.

I play Dylan covers mostly now. And though I kind of made fun of Johnny Cash back in the day for his song A Boy Named Sue, and its ridiculous premise, but I've learned Folsom Prison Blues
- and that's one fine song!

David Kessler is aa with a camera.

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